TEXT 179
abhira-sumbha yavanah khasadayah
ye 'nye ca papa yad-upasrayasrayah
sudhyanti tasmai prabhavisnave namah
kirata—the aborigines named Kiratas; huna—the Hunas; andhra—Andhras; pulinda—Pulindas; pulkasah—Pulkasas; abhira—Abhiras; sumbhah—Sumbhas; yavanah—persons who do not follow the Vedic injunctions and who eat cow's flesh; khasa-adayah—Khasas and others; ye—those who; anye—similar others; ca—also; papah—sinful persons; yat—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; upasraya—of the devotees; asrayah—taking shelter; sudhyanti—become purified; tasmai—unto Him, Lord Visnu, because of whom they become purified; prabhavisnave—to Lord Visnu, the most powerful; namah—respectful obeisances.
" 'Kirata, Huna, Andhra, Pulinda, Pulkasa, Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana and the Khasa races and even others who are addicted to sinful acts can be purified by taking shelter of the devotees of the Lord due to His being the supreme power. I beg to offer my respectful obeisances unto Him.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.4.18). This verse was spoken by Sukadeva Gosvami when Pariksit Maharaja asked him for a description of the creation. While offering obeisances to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sukadeva Gosvami described the unlimited potencies of Lord Visnu, who can purify the lowborn creatures mentioned herein.

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