TEXT 151
"sarupanam eka-sesa eka-vibhaktau"
uktarthanam aprayogah
ramas ca ramas ca ramas ca rama itivat
sa-rupanamof words of the same form; eka-sesahonly the last; eka-vibhaktauin the same case; ukta-arthanamof the previously spoken meanings; aprayogahnonapplication; ramah caand Rama; ramah caand Rama; ramah caand Rama; ramah itivatin this way, by one rama, many ramas are indicated.
" 'Of words having the same form and case termination, the last one is the only one retained. For example, the word ramah is used to stand for ramas ca, ramas ca, ramas ca, etc.'
This is a quotation from Panini's sutras (1.2.64).

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