satam prasangan mama virya-samvido
bhavanti hrt-karna-rasayanah kathah
taj-josanad asv apavarga-vartmani
sraddha ratir bhaktir anukramisyati
satam—of the devotees; prasangat—by the intimate association; mama—of Me; virya-samvidah—talks full of spiritual potency; bhavanti—appear; hrt—to the heart; karna—and to the ears; rasa-ayanah—a source of sweetness; kathah—talks; tat—of them; josanat—from proper cultivation; asu—quickly; apavarga—of liberation; vartmani—on the path; sraddha—faith; ratih—attraction; bhaktih—love; anukramisyati—will follow one after another.
" 'The spiritually powerful message of Godhead can be properly discussed only in a society of devotees, and it is greatly pleasing to hear in that association. If one hears from devotees, the way of transcendental experience quickly opens, and gradually one attains firm faith that in due course develops into attraction and devotion.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.25.25). For an explanation see Adi-lila (1.60).

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