ata atyantikam ksemam
prcchamo bhavato 'naghah
samsare 'smin ksanardho 'pi
sat-sangah sevadhir nrnam
atah—therefore (due to the rareness of seeing pure devotees of the Lord); atyantikam—supreme; ksemam—auspiciousness; prcchamah—we are asking; atyantikam—supreme; ksemam—auspiciousness; prcchamah—we are asking; bhavatah—you; anaghah—O sinless ones; samsare—in the material world; asmin—this; ksana-ardhah—lasting half a moment; api—even; sat-sangah—association with devotees; sevadhih—a treasure; nrnam—for human society.
" 'O devotees! O you who are free from all sins! Let me inquire from you about that which is supremely auspicious for all living entities. Association with a pure devotee for even half a moment in this material world is the greatest treasure for human society.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.2.30).

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