srutir mata prsta disati bhavad-aradhana-vidhim
yatha matur vani smrtir api tatha vakti bhagini
puranadya ye va sahaja-nivahas te tad-anuga
atah satyam jnatam murahara bhavan eva saranam
srutih—Vedic knowledge; mata—like a mother who is affectionate to her children; prsta—when questioned; disati—she directs; bhavat—of You; aradhana—worship; vidhim—the process; yatha—just as; matuh vani—the instructions of the mother; smrtihsmrti-sastras, which explain the Vedic literatures; api—also; tatha—similarly; vakti—express; bhagini—like a sister; purana-adyah—headed by the Puranas; ye—which; va—or; sahaja-nivahah—like brothers; te—all of them; tat—of the mother; anugah—followers; atah—therefore; satyam—the truth; jnatam—known; mura-hara—O killer of the demon Mura; bhavan—Your Lordship; eva—only; saranam—the shelter.
" 'When the mother Vedas [sruti] is questioned as to whom to worship, she says that You are the only Lord and worshipable object. Similarly, the corollaries of the sruti-sastras, the smrti-sastras, give the same instructions, just like sisters. The Puranas, which are like brothers, follow in the footsteps of their mother. O enemy of the demon Mura, the conclusion is that You are the only shelter. Now I have understood this in truth.'
This quotation from the Vedic literature was spoken by great sages.

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