kama lagi' krsne bhaje, paya krsna-rase
kama chadi' 'dasa' haite haya abhilase
kama lagi'—for fulfillment of one's material desires; krsne bhaje—one engages in the transcendental service of Lord Krsna; paya—he gets; krsna-rase—a taste of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna; kama chadi'-giving up all desires for material enjoyment; dasa haite—to be an eternal servant of the Lord; haya—there is; abhilase—aspiration.
"When someone engages in Lord Krsna's devotional service for the satisfaction of the senses and instead acquires a taste to serve Krsna, he gives up his material desires and willingly offers himself as an eternal servant of Krsna.

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