TEXT 162
na karhicin mat-parah santa-rupe
nanksyanti no me 'nimiso ledhi hetih
yesam aham priya atma sutas ca
sakha guruh suhrdo daivam istam
nanot; karhicitat any time; mat-parahdevotees of Me; santa-rupeO mother, the symbol of peacefulness; nanksyantiwill perish; nonor; meMy; animisahtime; ledhilicks up (destroys); hetihweapon; yesamof whom; ahamI; priyahdear; atmathe Supersoul; sutahthe son; caand; sakhafriend; guruhspiritual master; suhrdahwell-wisher; daivamthe Deity; istamchosen.
" 'My dear mother, Devahuti! O emblem of peace! My weapon, the disc of time, never vanquishes those for whom I am very dear, for whom I am the Supersoul, the son, friend, spiritual master, well-wisher, worshipable Deity and desired goal. Since the devotees are always attached to Me, they are never vanquished by the agents of time.'
This was spoken by Kapiladeva to His mother Devahuti and is recorded in Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.25.38). Kapiladeva instructed His mother in sankhya-yoga, but the importance of bhakti-yoga is mentioned here. Later sanhkya-yoga was imitated by atheists, whose system was founded by a different Kapiladeva, Rsi Kapiladeva.

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