TEXT 147
ete na hy adbhuta vyadha
tavahimsadayo gunah
hari-bhaktau pravrtta ye
na te syuh paratapinah
eteall these; nanot; hicertainly; adbhutahwonderful; vyadhaO hunter; tavayour; ahimsa-adayahnonviolence and others; gunahqualities; hari-bhaktauin devotional service; pravrttahengaged; yethose who; nanot; tethey; syuhare; paratapinahenvious of other living entities.
" 'O hunter, good qualities like nonviolence, which you have developed, are not very astonishing, for those who are engaged in the Lord's devotional service are never inclined to give pain to others because of envy.'
This is a quotation from the Skanda Purana.

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