TEXT 116
krsna-pritye bhoga-tyaga, krsna-tirthe vasa
yavan-nirvaha-pratigraha, ekadasy-upavasa
krsna-pritye—for satisfaction of Krsna; bhoga-tyaga—acceptance and rejection of something; krsna-tirthe vasa—residence in a place where Krsna is situated; yavat-nirvaha—as much as required to keep the body and soul together; pratigraha—acceptance of gifts; ekadasi-upavasa—observance of fasting on the Ekadasi day.
"The next steps are as follows: (6) One should be prepared to give up everything for Krsna's satisfaction, and one should also accept everything for Krsna's satisfaction. (7) One must live in a place where Krsna is present-a city like Vrndavana or Mathura or a Krsna temple. (8) One should acquire a livelihood that is just sufficient to keep body and soul together. (9) One must fast on Ekadasi day.

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