krsna kahe, "ei brahmanda pancasat koti yojana
ati ksudra, tate tomara cari vadana
krsna kaheKrsna said; ei brahmanda—this universe; pancasat koti yojana—four billion miles; ati ksudra—very small; tate—therefore; tomara—your; cari vadana—four faces.
"Krsna said, 'Your particular universe extends four billion miles; therefore it is the smallest of all the universes. Consequently you have only four heads.
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, one of the greatest astrologers of his time, gives information from Siddhanta-siromani that this universe measures 18,712,069,200,000,000 x 8 miles. This is the circumference of this universe. According to some, this is only half the circumference.

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