TEXT 123
yasyananam makara-kundala-caru-karna-
bhrajat-kapola-subhagam savilasa-hasam
nityotsavam na tatrpur drsibhih pibantyo
naryo naras ca muditah kupita nimes ca
yasya—of Krsna; ananam—face; makara-kundala—by earrings resembling sharks; caru—beautified; karna—the ears; bhrajat—shining; kapola—cheeks; subhagam—delicate; sa-vilasa-hasam—smiling with an enjoying spirit; nitya-utsavam—in which there are eternal festivities of joy; na—not; tatrpuh—satisfied; drsibhih—by the eyes; pibantyah—drinking; naryah—all the women; narah—the men; ca—and; muditah—very pleased; kupitah—very angry; nimeh—at the creator of the blinking of the eyes; ca—also.
" 'All men and women were accustomed to enjoying the beauty of the shining face of Lord Krsna, as well as His sharklike earrings swinging on His ears. His beautiful features, His cheeks and His playful smiles all combined to form a constant festival for the eyes, and the blinking of the eyes became obstacles that impeded one from seeing that beauty. For this reason, men and women became very angry at the creator [Lord Brahma].'
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (9.24.65).

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