gunatmanas te 'pi gunan vimatum
hitavatirnasya ka isire 'sya
kalena yair va vimitah sukalpair
bhu-pamsavah khe mihika dyubhasah
guna-atmanah—the overseer of the three qualities; te—of You; api—certainly; gunan—the qualities; vimatum—to count; hita-avatirnasya—who have descended for the benefit of all living entities; ke—who; isire—were able; asya—of the universe; kalena—in due course of time; yaih—by whom; va—or; vimitah—counted; su-kalpaih—by great scientists; bhu-pamsavah—the atoms of the universe; khe—in the sky; mihikah—particles of snow; dyu-bhasah—the illuminating stars and planets.
" 'In time, great scientists may be able to count all the atoms of the universe, all the stars and planets in the sky, and all the particles of snow, but who among them can count the unlimited transcendental qualities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead? He descends on the surface of the globe for the benefit of all living entities.'
This verse is quoted from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.7).

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