TEXT 108
nija-sama sakha-sange, go-gana-carana range,
vrndavane svacchanda vihara
yanra venu-dhvani suni' sthavara-jangama prani,
pulaka, kampa, asru vahe dhara
nija-sama—equal to Himself; sakha-sange—with the friends; go-gana—an unlimited number of cows; carana—tending; range—such pastimes; vrndavane—in Vrndavana; svacchanda—spontaneous; vihara—blissful enjoyment; yanra—of whom; venu-dhvani suni'-hearing the vibration of the flute; sthavara-jangama prani—all living entities, moving and not moving; pulaka—jubilation; kampa—trembling; asru—tears; vahe—flow; dhara—streams.
"When Lord Krsna wanders in the forest of Vrndavana with His friends on an equal level, there are innumerable cows grazing. This is another of the Lord's blissful enjoyments. When He plays on His flute, all living entities-including trees, plants, animals and human beings-tremble and are saturated with jubilation. Tears flow constantly from their eyes.

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