TEXT 195
cakrādi-dhāraṇa-bhede nāma-bheda saba
vāsudevera mūrti--keśava, nārāyaṇa, mādhava
cakra-ādi—of the disc and other weapons; dhāraṇa—of holding; bhede—by differences; nāma—of names; bheda—differences; saba—all; vāsudevera mūrti—the expansions of Vāsudeva; keśavaKeśava; nārāyaṇaNārāyaṇa; mādhavaMādhava.
"Out of the catur-vyūha, there are three expansions of each and every form, and they are named differently according to the position of the weapons. The Vāsudeva expansions are Keśava, Nārāyaṇa and Mādhava.

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