TEXT 192
punah krsna catur-vyuha lana purva-rupe
paravyoma-madhye vaise narayana-rupe
punah—again; krsnaKrsna; catuh-vyuha—the quadruple expansions; lana—taking; purva-rupe—as previously; paravyoma-madhye—in the paravyoma area; vaise—resides; narayana-rupe—in the form of four-handed Narayana.
"Lord Krsna again expands, and within the paravyoma, the spiritual sky, He is situated in fullness as the four-handed Narayana, accompanied by expansions of the original quadruple form.
At the top of the paravyoma, the spiritual sky, there is Goloka Vrndavana, which is divided into three parts. Two of the parts, called Mathura and Dvaraka, are the residences of Krsna in His prabhava-vilasa forms. Balarama, Krsna's vaibhava-prakasa, is eternally situated in Gokula. From the quadruple prabhava-vilasa, twenty-four forms of the vaibhava-vilasa are expanded. Each has four hands holding weapons in different positions. The topmost planet in the spiritual sky is Goloka Vrndavana, and below that planet is the spiritual sky itself. In that spiritual sky, Krsna Himself is four-handed and is situated as Narayana.

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