TEXT 145
vyamohaya caracarasya jagatas te te puranagamas
tam tam eva hi devatam paramikam jalpantu kalpavadhi
siddhante punar eka eva bhagavan visnuh samastagama-
vyaparesu vivecana-vyatikaram nitesu nisciyate
vyamohayato increase the illusion and ignorance; cara-acarasyaof all living entities, moving and nonmoving; jagatahof the world; te tethose respective; puranathe supplementary Vedic literatures called the Puranas; agamahand Vedas; tam tamthat respective; eva hicertainly; devatamdemigod; paramikamas supreme; jalpantulet them speak about; kalpa-avadhiuntil the end of the millennium; siddhantein conclusion; punahbut; ekahone; evaonly; bhagavanSupreme Personality of Godhead; visnuhLord Visnu; samastaall; agamaof the Vedas; vyaparesuin the dealings; vivecana-vyatikaramto collective consideration; nitesuwhen forcibly brought; nisciyateis established.
" 'There are many types of Vedic literatures and supplementary Puranas. In each of them there are particular demigods who are spoken of as the chief demigods. This is just to create an illusion for moving and nonmoving living entities. Let them perpetually engage in such imaginations. However, when one analytically studies all these Vedic literatures collectively, he comes to the conclusion that Lord Visnu is the one and only Supreme Personality of Godhead.'
This is a verse from the Padma Purana.

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