tumi deva--krida-rata, bhuvanera nari yata,
tahe kara abhista kridana
tumi mora dayita, mote vaise tomara cita,
mora bhagye kaile agamana
tumi—You; deva—the Supreme Lord; krida-rata—engaged in Your pastimes; bhuvanera—of all the universes; nari—women; yata—all; tahe—in those pastimes; kara—You do; abhista—desired; kridana—acting; tumi—You; mora—My; dayita—merciful; mote—to Me; vaise—rest; tomara—Your; cita—mind; mora—My; bhagye—by fortune; kaile—You have made; agamana—appearance.
"My dear Lord, You are engaged in Your pastimes, and You utilize all the women in the universe according to Your desire. You are so kind to Me. Please divert Your attention to Me, for by fortune You have appeared before Me.

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