kutila prema ageyana, nahi jane sthanasthana,
bhala-manda nare vicarite
krura sathera guna-dore, hate-gale bandhi' more,
rakhiyache, nari' ukasite
kutilacrooked; premalove of Krsna; ageyanaignorant; nahidoes not; janeknow; sthana-asthanaa suitable place or unsuitable place; bhala-mandawhat is good or what is bad; narenot able; vicariteto consider; kruravery cruel; satheraof the cheater; guna-doreby the ropes of the good qualities; hateon the hands; galeon the neck; bandhi'-binding; moreMe; rakhiyachehas kept; nari'-being unable; ukasiteto get relief.
"By nature loving affairs are very crooked. They are not entered with sufficient knowledge, nor do they consider whether a place is suitable or not, nor do they look forward to the results. By the ropes of His good qualities, Krsna, who is so unkind, has bound My neck and hands, and I am unable to get relief.

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