TEXT 205
tam matvatmajam avyaktam
martya-lingam adhoksajam
gopikolukhale damna
babandha prakrtam yatha
tam—Him (Krsna); matva—considering; atmajam—own son; avyaktam—unmanifested; martya-lingam—manifested as if perishable; adhoksajam—beyond the perception of the senses; gopika—mother Yasoda; ulukhale—to the mortar; damna—with rope; babandha—bound; prakrtam—an ordinary child; yatha—like.
" 'Although Krsna is beyond sense perception and is unmanifest to human beings, he takes up the guise of a human being with a material body. Thus mother Yasoda thought Him to be her son, and she bound Lord Krsna with rope to a wooden mortar, as if He were an ordinary child.'
This verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.9.14) is in reference to Lord Krsna's exhibiting Himself like an ordinary child before mother Yasoda. He was playing like a naughty boy stealing butter and breaking butter pots. Mother Yasoda became disturbed and wanted to bind the Lord to a mortar used for pounding spices. In other words, she considered the Supreme Personality of Godhead an ordinary child.

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