TEXT 171
mayi sarva-guhasaye
manogatir avicchinna
yatha gangambhaso 'mbudhau
mat—of Me; guna—of the qualities; sruti-matrena—only by hearing; mayi—to Me; sarva-guha—in all hearts; asaye—who am situated; manah-gatih—the movement of the mind; avicchinna—unobstructed; yatha—just as; ganga-ambhasah—of the celestial waters of the Ganges; ambudhau—to the ocean.
" 'Just as the celestial waters of the Ganges flow unobstructed into the ocean, so when My devotees simply hear of Me, their minds come to Me. I reside in the hearts of all.
This verse and the following three verses quoted from Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.29.11-14), were spoken by Lord Krsna in the form of Kapiladeva.

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