TEXT 194
tanra seva vina jivera na yaya 'samsara'
tanhara carane priti--'purusartha-sara'
tanra—His; seva—service; vina—without; jivera—of the conditioned soul; na—not; yaya—finishes; samsara—material bondage; tanhara—His; carane—at the lotus feet; priti—love; purusartha-sara—the ultimate goal of life.
"No conditioned soul can get out of material bondage without serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Love at His lotus feet is the ultimate goal of life.
According to the Mohammedan scripture, without evadat, offering prayers at a mosque or elsewhere five times daily (namaja), one cannot be successful in life. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu pointed out that in the revealed scripture of the Mohammedans, love of Godhead is the ultimate goal. Karma-yoga and jnana-yoga are certainly described in the Koran, but ultimately the Koran states that the ultimate goal is the offering of prayers to the Supreme Person (evadat).

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