TEXT 159
pichalada paryanta saba tanra adhikara
tanra bhaye nadi keha haite nare para
pichalada—the place named Pichalada; paryanta—up to; saba—everything; tanra—of him; adhikara—under the authority; tanra bhaye—because of fear of him; nadi—the river; keha—anyone; haite—to cross; nare—not able; para—to the other side.
The jurisdiction of the Mohammedan government extended up to Pichalada. Due to fear of the Mohammedans, no one would cross the river.
During the old days, Pichalada was part of Tamaluka and Bengal. Pichalada is located about fourteen miles south of Tamaluka. The River Rupa-narayana is well known in Tamaluka, and Pichalada was situated on the bank of the Rupa-narayana River.

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