'hari-bola' bali' kangala preme bhasi' yaya
aichana adbhuta lila kare gauraraya
hari-bola bali'-by chanting "Hari bol"; kangala—the poor section of people; preme—in ecstatic love; bhasi' yaya—began to float; aichana—such; adbhuta—wonderful; lila—pastimes; kare—performs; gauraraya—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
As soon as the beggars chanted the holy name, "Hari bol," they were immediately absorbed in ecstatic love of Godhead. In this way Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu performed wonderful pastimes.
To feel the emotion of ecstatic love of God is to be on the transcendental platform. If one can keep himself in that transcendental position, he will surely return home, back to Godhead. In the spiritual world there are no higher, middle or lower classes. This is confirmed by Isopanisad, Mantra Seven:
yasmin sarvani bhutany
atmaivabhud vijanatah
tatra ko mohah kah soka
ekatvam anupasyatah
"One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?"

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