TEXT 194
hriya tiryag-griva-carana-kati-bhangi-sumadhura
priya-prityai sasid udita-lalitalankrti-yuta
hriyaby Her attitude of shyness; tiryakgoing crosswise; grivaof the neck; caranaof the knees; katiof the waist; bhangiby the curve; su-madhuravery sweet; calat-cilliof moving eyebrows; valliby the creepers; dalitaconquered; rati-nathaof Cupid; urjitapowerful; dhanuhby which the bow; priya-prema-ullasabecause of the loving attitude of the beloved; ullasitabeing inspired; lalitaby the mood known as lalita; alalita-tanuhwhose body is covered; priya-prityaifor the sake of pleasing the beloved; saSrimati Radharani; asitwas; uditaawakened; lalita-alankrti-yutapossessing the lalita-alankara.
" 'When Srimati Radharani was decorated with the ornament of lalita-alankara, just to increase Sri Krsna's love, an attractive curve was manifest by Her neck, knees and waist. This was brought about by Her timidity and apparent desire to avoid Krsna. The flickering movements of Her eyebrows could conquer the powerful bow of Cupid. To increase the joy of Her beloved's love, Her body was decorated with the ornaments of lalita-alankara.'
This verse is quoted from the Govinda-lilamrta (9.14).

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