TEXT 168
'kila-kincita', 'kuttamita', 'vilasa', 'lalita'
'vivvoka', 'mottayita', ara 'maugdhya', 'cakita'
kila-kincita—a particular type of ornament at the time of seeing Krsna; kuttamita—the symptom explained in verse 197; vilasa—the symptom explained in verse 187; lalita—the symptom explained in verse 192; vivvoka—neglecting the presentation given by the hero; mottayita—awakening of lusty desires by the remembrance and words of the hero; ara—and; maugdhya—assuming the position of not knowing things although everything is known; cakita—a position in which the heroine appears very afraid although she is not at all afraid.
"Some of the symptoms critically explained in the following verses are kilakincita, kuttamita, vilasa, lalita, vivvoka, mottayita, maugdhya and cakita.

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