TEXT 161
vayase 'madhyama' tenho svabhavete 'sama'
gadha prema-bhave tenho nirantara 'vama'
vayase madhyamagrown up; tenhoSrimati Radharani; sva-bhavetein character; samaequipoised; gadhadeep; prema-bhavein ecstatic love; tenhoShe; nirantaraconstantly; vamaof the group of the left-wing gopis.
"Radharani is grown up, and Her character is equipoised. She is always deeply absorbed in ecstatic love and always feeling in the mood of a left-wing gopi.
The left wing and right wing of the gopis has been explained by Rupa Gosvami in Ujjvala-nilamani. The left wing is described in this way:
mana-grahe sadodyukta
tac-chaithilye ca kopana
abhedya nayake prayah
krura vameti kirtyate
"A gopi who is always eager to be jealously angered, who is very enthusiastic for that position, who immediately becomes angry when defeated, who is never under the control of a hero and who always opposes Him is called vama, or a leftwing gopi."
Srila Rupa Gosvami describes the right-wing gopis in this way:
asahya mana-nirbandhe
nayake yukta-vadini
samabhis tena bhedya ca
daksina parikirtita
"A gopi who cannot tolerate womanly anger, who speaks suitable words to the hero and who is satisfied by His sweet words is called a daksina, or a right-wing gopi."

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