TEXT 139
purve uddhava-dvare, ebe saksat amare,
yoga-jnane kahila upaya
tumi-vidagdha, krpamaya, janaha amara hrdaya,
more aiche kahite na yuyaya
purvepreviously; uddhava-dvarethrough Uddhava; ebenow; saksatdirectly; amareunto Me; yogamystic yogic meditation; jnanephilosophical speculation; kahilaYou have said; upayathe means; tumiYou; vidagdhavery humorous; krpa-mayamercifu1; janahaYou know; amaraMy; hrdayamind; moreunto Me; aichein that way; kahiteto speak; na yuyayais not at all befitting.
" 'My dear Krsna, formerly, when You were staying in Mathura, You sent Uddhava to teach Me speculative knowledge and mystic yoga. Now You Yourself are speaking the same thing, but My mind doesn't accept it. There is no place in My mind for jnana-yoga or dhyana-yoga. Although You know Me very well, You are still instructing Me in jnana-yoga and dhyana-yoga. It is not right for You to do so.' "
The process of mystic yoga, the speculative method for searching out the Supreme Absolute Truth, does not appeal to one who is always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna. A devotee is not at all interested in speculative activities. Instead of cultivating speculative knowledge or practicing mystic yoga, a devotee should worship the Deity in the temple and continuously engage in the Lord's service. Temple Deity worship is realized by the devotees to be the same as direct service to the Lord. The Deity is known as arca-vigraha or arca-avatara, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord in the form of a material manifestation (brass, stone or wood). Ultimately there is no difference between Krsna manifest in matter or Krsna manifest in spirit because both are His energies. For Krsna, there is no distinction between matter and spirit. His manifestation in material form, therefore, is as good as His original form, sac-cid-ananda-vigraha. A devotee constantly engaged in Deity worship according to the rules and regulations laid down in the sastras and given by the spiritual master realizes gradually that he is in direct contact with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus he loses all interest in so-called meditation, yoga practice and mental speculation.

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