TEXT 136
ahus ca te nalina-nabha padaravindam
yogesvarair hrdi vicintyam agadha-bodhaih
geham jusam api manasy udiyat sada nah
ahuhthe gopis said; caand; teYour; nalina-nabhaO Lord, whose navel is just like a lotus flower; pada-aravindamlotus feet; yoga-isvaraihby great mystic yogis; hrdiwithin the heart; vicintyamto be meditated upon; agadha-bodhaihwho are highly learned philosophers; samsara-kupain the dark well of material existence; patitaof those fallen; uttaranafor deliverance; avalambamthe only shelter; gehamin family affairs; jusamof those engaged; apialthough; manasiin the minds; udiyatlet be awakened; sadaalways; nahour.
"The gopis spoke thus: 'Dear Lord, whose navel is just like a lotus flower, Your lotus feet are the only shelter for those who have fallen into the deep well of material existence. Your feet are worshiped and meditated upon by great mystic yogis and highly learned philosophers. We wish that these lotus feet may also be awakened within our hearts, although we are only ordinary persons engaged in household affairs.' "
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.82.48). The gopis were never interested in karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, or dhyana-yoga. They were simply interested in bhakti-yoga. Unless they were forced, they never liked to meditate on the lotus feet of the Lord. Rather, they preferred to take the lotus feet of the Lord and place them on their breasts. Sometimes they regretted that their breasts were so hard, fearing that Krsna might not be very pleased to keep His soft lotus feet there. When those lotus feet were pricked by the grains of sand in the Vrndavana pasturing ground, the gopis were pained and began to cry. The gopis wanted to keep Krsna at home always, and in this way their minds were absorbed in Krsna consciousness. Such pure Krsna consciousness can arise only in Vrndavana. Thus Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu began to explain His own mind, which was saturated in the ecstasy of the gopis.

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