eka bahirvasa yadi deha' krpa kari'
taha pana prana rakhe tomara asa dhari'
eka bahirvasaone outward covering; yadiif; deha'You give; krpa kari'by Your mercy; taha panagetting that; prana rakhehe would live; tomara asa dhari'-hoping to meet You some time in the future.
"If You, out of Your mercy, send one of Your outward garments to the King, the King would live hoping to see You some time in the future."
Sri Nityananda Prabhu was thus very tactfully suggesting that Caitanya Mahaprabhu give a piece of His old clothing to the King. Even though the King was not to meet the Lord, the King would then be pacified by receiving such a cloth. The King was very anxious to see the Lord, yet it was not possible for the Lord to see him. Just to resolve the situation, Nityananda Prabhu suggested that the Lord send an old piece of clothing. Thus the King would understand that the Lord was showing mercy to him. The King would then not do anything drastic like giving up his life or becoming a mendicant.

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