TEXT 210
darsana-lobhete kari' maryada langhana
bhoga-mandape yana kare sri-mukha darsana
darsana-lobhetebeing very anxious to see; kari'doing; maryada langhanatransgressions of regulative principles; bhoga-mandapein the room for offering food; yanagoing; karedo; sri-mukha darsanaseeing the lotus face.
Out of great eagerness to see the Lord, they all neglected the regulative principles and, just to see the Lord's face, went to the place where the food was offered.
There are many regulative principles of Deity worship. For example, one is not allowed to enter the room where food is offered to Lord Jagannatha. But in this case, being very anxious because of not having seen the Lord for fifteen days, all the people overruled the regulative principles and entered the room.

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