TEXT 204
ara dine jagannathera 'netrotsava' nama
mahotsava haila bhaktera prana-samana
ara dine—the next day; jagannathera—of Lord Jagannatha; netra-utsava—the festival of seeing the eyes; nama—named; maha-utsava—great festival; haila—performed; bhaktera—of the devotees; prana-samana—the life and soul.
The next day marked the performance of the festival of Netrotsava. This great festival was the life and soul of the devotees.
After the bathing ceremony of Lord Jagannatha, during the fortnight before the Ratha-yatra ceremony, the body of Lord Jagannatha, having been washed, needs repainting. This is known as anga-raga. The Netrotsava festival, performed gorgeously in the early morning of the Nava-yauvana day, constitutes the life and soul of the devotees.

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