prahararaja mahapatra inha maha-mati
paramananda mahapatra inhara samhati
prahararajaPrahararaja; mahapatraMahapatra; inha—this; maha-mati—very intelligent; paramananda mahapatraParamananda Mahapatra; inhara—of him; samhati—combination.
"This is Paramananda Prahararaja, who is also known as Mahapatra. He is very, very intelligent.
Prahararaja is a designation given to brahmanas who represent the king when the throne is vacant. In Orissa, between the time of a king's death and the enthronement of another king, a representative must sit on the throne. This representative is called Prahararaja. The Prahararaja is generally selected from a family of priests close to the king. During the time of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Prahararaja was Paramananda Prahararaja.

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