TEXT 203
na mrsa paramartham eva me
srnu vijnapanam ekam agratah
yadi me na dayisyase tada
dayaniyas tava natha durlabhah
na—not; mrsa—untruth; parama-artham—full of meaning; eva—certainly; me—my; srnu—kindly hear; vijnapanam—submission; ekam—one; agratah—first; yadi—if; me—unto me; na dayisyase—You will not show mercy; tada—then; dayaniyah—candidate for mercy; tava—Your; natha—O Lord; durlabhah—difficult to find.
" 'Let us submit one piece of information before You, dear Lord. It is not at all false but is full of meaning. It is this: If You are not merciful upon us, then it will be very, very difficult to find more suitable candidates for Your mercy.'
This verse is from the Stotra-ratna (47), by Sri Yamunacarya.

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