ei ye sri-madhavendra sri-pada upeksa karila
sei aparadhe inhara 'vasana, janmila
eithis; yethat; sri-madhavendra sri-padaHis Lordship Madhavendra Puri; upeksa karilaneglected or denounced; sei aparadhebecause of the offense; inharaof Ramacandra Puri; vasanamaterial desire; janmilaarose.
Ramacandra Puri was thus denounced by Madhavendra Puri. Due to his offense, gradually material desire appeared within him.
The word vasana ("material desires") refers to dry speculative knowledge. Such speculative knowledge is only material. As confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.4), a person without devotional service who simply wants to know things (kevala-bodha-labdhaye) gains only dry speculative knowledge but no spiritual profit. This is also confirmed in the Bhakti-sandarbha (111), wherein it is said:
jivan-mukta api punar
yanti samsara-vasanam
yady acintya-maha-saktau
bhagavaty aparadhinah
"Even though one is liberated in this life, if one offends the Supreme Personality of Godhead he falls down in the midst of material desires, of which dry speculation about spiritual realization is one."
In his Laghu-tosani commentary on Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.2.32), Jiva Gosvami says;
jivan-mukta api punar
bandhanam yanti karmabhih
yady acintya-maha-saktau
bhagavaty aparadhinah
"Even if one is liberated in this life, he becomes addicted to material desires because of offenses to the Supreme Personality of Godhead."
A similar quotation from one of the Puranas also appears in the Visnu-bhakti-candrodaya:
jivan-muktah prapadyante
kvacit samsara-vasanam
yogino na vilipyante
karmabhir bhagavat-parah
"Even liberated souls sometimes fall down to material desires, but those who fully engaged in devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead are not affected by such desires."
These are references from authoritative revealed scriptures. If one becomes an offender to his spiritual master or the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he falls down to the material platform to merely speculate.

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