TEXT 143
jarasandha kahe,--"krsna--purusa-adhama
tora sange na yujhimu, "yahi bandhu-han"
jarasandha kaheJarasandha says; krsnaKrsna; purusa-adhamathe lowest of human beings; tora sangewith You; na yujhimuI shall not fight; yahibecause; bandhu-hankiller of Your own relatives.
"The demon Jarasandha chastised Krsna, saying, 'You are the lowest of human beings. I shall not fight with You, for You killed Your own relatives.'
In this verse also, mother Sarasvati offers prayers to Krsna. The word purusa-adhama refers to the Personality of Godhead, under whom all other persons remain, or, in other words, purusa-uttama, the best of all living beings. Similarly, the word bandhu-han means "the killer of maya." In the conditioned state of life, one is closely related with maya as a friend, but when one comes in contact with Krsna one is freed from that relationship.

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