TEXT 141
vandyabhave 'anamra'--'stabdha'-sabde kaya
yaha haite anya 'vijna' nahi--se 'ajna' haya
vandya-abhave—because there is no one else to be offered obeisances; anamra—the one who does not offer obeisances; stabdha-sadbe—by the word stabdha ("impudent"); kaya—says; yaha haite—than whom; anya—other,; vijna—learned scholar; nahi—is not; se—He; ajna—one by whom nothing is unknown; haya—is.
"When there is no one else to receive obeisances, one may be called 'anamra,' or one who offers obeisances to no one. This is the meaning of the word 'stabdha.' And because no one is found to be more learned than Krsna, He may be called 'ajna,' indicating that nothing is unknown to Him.

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