TEXT 137
vacalam balisam stabdham
ajnam pandita-maninam
krsnam martyam upasritya
gopa me cakrur apriyam
vacalam—talkative; balisam—childish; stabdham—impudent; ajnam—foolish; pandita-maninam—thinking Himself a very learned scholar; krsnamKrsna; martyam—an ordinary mortal human being; upasritya—taking shelter of; gopah—the cowherd men; me—unto me; cakruh—committed; apriyam—that which is not very much appreciated.
"[Lord Indra said:] 'This Krsna, who is an ordinary human being, is talkative, childish, impudent and ignorant, although He thinks Himself very learned. The cowherd men in Vrndavana have offended me by accepting Him. This has not been greatly appreciated by me.'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.25.5).

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