damstri-damstrahato mleccho
ha rameti punah punah
uktvapi muktim apnoti
kim punah sraddhaya grnan
damstriof a boar; damstraby the teeth; ahatahkilled; mlecchaha meat-eater; haO; rama-my Lord Rama; itithus; punah punahagain and again; uktvasaying; apieven; muktimliberation; apnotigets; kimwhat; punahagain; sraddhayawith faith and veneration; grnanchanting.
"Even a mleccha who is being killed by the tusk of a boar and who cries in distress again and again, "ha rama, ha rama" attains liberation. What then to speak of those who chant the holy name with veneration and faith?"
This refers to an instance in which a meat-eater being killed by a boar uttered the words "ha rama, ha rama"again and again at the time of his death. Since this is a quotation from the Nrsimha Purana, this indicates that in the puranic age there must also have been mlecchas and yavanas (meateaters), and the words "ha rama,, meaning "condemned," were also uttered in those days. Thus Haridasa Thakura gives evidence that even a meat-eater who condemns something by uttering the words "ha rama" gets the benefit of chanting the holy name that the devotee chants to mean "O my Lord Rama."

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