TEXT 197
visuddhabdhi-sthitasya me
sukhani gospadayante
brahmany api jagad-guro
tvatYou; saksat-karanaby meeting; ahladaof pleasure; visuddhaspiritually purified; abdhiin an ocean; sthitasyasituated; meof me; sukhanihappiness; gospadayanteis like a calf's hoofprint; brahmaniderived from understanding of impersonal Brahman; apialso; jagat-guroO master of the universe.
"My dear Lord, O master of the universe, since I have directly seen You, my transcendental bliss has taken the shape of a great ocean. Being situated in that ocean, I now realize all other so-called happiness, including even brahmananda, to be like the water contained in the hoofprint of a calf.' "
This verse is quoted from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (14.36).

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