TEXT 143
vesyara caritra dekhi' loke camatkara
haridasera mahima kahe kari' namaskara
vesyaraof the prostitute; caritracharacter; dekhi'-seeing; lokeall people; camatkaraastonished; haridaseraof Thakura Haridasa; mahimaglories; kahespeak; kari' namaskaraoffering obeisances.
Seeing the sublime character of the prostitute, everyone was astonished. Everyone glorified the influence of Haridasa Thakura and offered him obeisances.
It is said, phalena pariciyate: one is recognized by the result of his actions. In Vaisnava society there are many types of Vaisnavas. Some of them are called gosvamis, some are called svamis, some are prabhus, and some are prabhupada. One is not recognized, however, simply by such a name. A spiritual master is recognized as an actual guru when it is seen that he has changed the character of his disciples. Haridasa Thakura actually changed the character of the professional prostitute. People greatly appreciated this, and therefore they all offered obeisances to Haridasa Thakura and glorified him.

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