sei nari jiye kene, krsna-marma vyatha jane,
tabu krsne kare gadha rosa
nija-sukhe mane kaja, paduka tara sire vaja,
krsnera matra cahiye santosa
sei nari—that woman; jiye—lives; kene—why; krsna-marma—Krsna's heart; vyatha—unhappy; jane—knows; tabu—still; krsne—unto Krsna; kare—does; gadha rosa—deep anger; nija-sukhe—in her own happiness; mane—considers; kaja—the only business; paduka—let there fall; tare—of her; sire—on the head; vaja—a thunderbolt; krsnera—of Krsna; matra—only; cahiye—we want; santosa—the happiness.
"Why does a woman continue to live who knows that Krsna's heart is unhappy but who still shows her deep anger toward Him? She is interested in her own happiness. I condemn such a woman to be struck on the head with a thunderbolt, for we simply want the happiness of Krsna.
A devotee who is satisfied only with his own sense gratification certainly falls down from the service of Krsna. Being attracted by material happiness, he later joins the prakrta-sahajiyas, who are considered to be nondevotees.

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