krsnera kalaha radha-sane, gopi-gana sei-ksane,
hemabja-vane gela lukaite
akantha-vapu jale paise, mukha-matra jale bhase,
padme-mukhe na pari cinite
krsnera—of Krsna; kalaha—quarrel; radha-sane—with Radha; gopi-gana—the gopis; sei-ksane—at that moment; hema-abja—of white lotus flowers; vane—in the forest; gela—went; lukaite—to hide; akantha—up to the neck; vapu—body; jale—into the water; paise—enter; mukha-matra—only the lotus flowers and the faces; jale—in the water; bhase—float; padme-mukhe—between the lotus flowers and the faces; na pari—not able; cinite—to discern.
"Then Krsna quarreled with Radharani, and all the gopis hid themselves in a cluster of white lotus flowers. They submerged their bodies up to their necks in the water. Only their faces floated above the surface, and the faces were indistinguishable from the lotuses.

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