krsna radha lana bale, gela kantha-daghna jale,
chadila tahan, yahan agadha pani
tenho krsna-kantha dhari', bhase jalera upari,
gajotkhate yaiche kamalini
krsna—Lord Krsna; radha—Srimati Radharani; lana—taking; bale—forcibly; gela—went; kantha-daghna—up to the neck; jale—in water; chadila—let go; tahan—there; yahan—where; agadha—very deep; pani—water; tenho—She; krsna-kantha—the neck of Krsna; dhari'-capturing; bhase—floats; jalera upari—on the water; gaja-utkhate—plucked by an elephant; yaiche—as; kamalini—a lotus flower.
"Krsna forcibly swept Radharani away and took Her into water up to Her neck. Then He released Her where the water was very deep. She grasped Krsna's neck, however, and floated on the water like a lotus flower plucked by the trunk of a elephant.

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