TEXT 149
venura tapa jani yabe, sei tapa kari tabe,
e--a yogya, amara--yogya nari
ya na pana duhkhe mari, ayogya piye sahite nari,
taha lagi' tapasya vicari
venura—of the flute; tapa—austerities; jani—knowing; yabe—when; sei—those; tapa—austerities; kari—we perform; tabe—at that time; e—this (flute); ayogya—unfit; amara—we; yogya nari—fit women; ya—which; na pana—not getting; duhkhe—in unhappiness; mari—we die; ayogya—the most unfit; piye—drinks; sahite nari—we cannot tolerate; taha lagi'-for that reason; tapasya—austerities; vicari—we are considering.
"The gopis considered, 'The flute is completely unfit for his position. We want to know what kind of austerities the flute executed, so that we may also perform the same austerities. Although the flute is unfit, he is drinking the nectar of Krsna's lips. Seeing this, we qualified gopis are dying of unhappiness. Therefore, we must consider the austerities the flute underwent in his past life.' "

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