indriye na kari rosa, inha-sabara kahan dosa,
krsna-rupadira maha akarsana
rupadi panca pance tane, gela ghodara parane,
mora dehe na rahe jivana
indriye—at the senses; na—not; kari rosa—I can be angry; inha-sabara—of all of them; kahan—where; dosa—fault; krsna-rupa-adira—of Lord Krsna's beauty, sounds, touch, fragrance and taste; maha—very great; akarsana—attraction; rupa-adi—the beauty and so on; panca—five; pance—the five senses; tane—drag; gela—is going away; ghodara—of the horse; parane—life; mora—My; dehe—in the body; na—not; rahe—remains; jivana—life.
"My dear friend, if you say, 'Just try to control Your senses,' what shall I say? I cannot become angry at My senses. Is it their fault? Krsna's beauty, sounds, touch, fragrance and taste are by nature extremely attractive. These five features are attracting My senses, and each wants to drag My mind in a different direction. Thus the life of My mind is in great danger, just like a horse ridden in five directions at once. Thus I am also in danger of dying.

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