prasraya-pagala suddha-vaidagdhi na jane
antare sukhi haila prabhu tara sei gune
prasraya—due to indulgence; pagala—foolish; suddha—pure; vaidagdhi—etiquette; na jane—does not know; antare—within the heart; sukhi haila—became very happy; prabhu—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; tara—his; sei gune—by that attribute.
An intimate relationship sometimes makes a person overstep formal etiquette. Thus Paramesvara actually pleased the Lord in His heart by his simple and affectionate behavior.
Prasraya means affection, humility, faith, a demand for some special concession, or indulgence in such a concession. Pagala means impudence, arrogance, and influence. Vaidagdhi means cunningness, humor, beauty, expertise, learning, tricky behavior, and indications.

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