sivananda-sena kare ghati-samadhana
sabare palana kari' sukhe lana yana
sivananda-sena—Sivananda Sena; kare—does; ghati-samadhana—management of payment of tolls; sabare palana kari'-maintaining everyone; sukhe—in happiness; lana—taking; yana—goes.
Sivananda Sena managed the payment of tolls at different places. Maintaining everyone, he guided all the devotees in great happiness.
Ghati refers to the different toll booths used by the Zamindars to collect taxes in each state. Generally, this tax was collected to maintain the roads governed by the various Zamindars. Since the devotees from Bengal were going to Jagannatha Puri, they had to pass through many such toll booths. Sivananda Sena was in charge of paying the tolls.

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