TEXT 108
prabhu kahe,--"sannyasira nahi taile adhikara
tahate sugandhi taila,--parama dhikkara!
prabhu kahe—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu replied; sannyasira—for a sannyasi; nahi—there is not; taile—with oil; adhikara—use; tahate—over and above this; su-gandhi taila—perfumed oil; parama dhik-kara—immediately to be rejected.
The Lord replied, "A sannyasi has no use for oil, especially perfumed oil such as this. Take it out immediately."
According to Raghunandana Bhattacarya, the spokesman for the smarta regulative principles:
pratah-snane vrate sraddhe
dvadasyam grahane tatha
madya-lepa-samam tailam
tasmat tailam vivarjayet
"If one who has taken a vow smears oil on his body while bathing in the morning, while observing a ritualistic ceremony like the sraddha ceremony, or on dvadasi day, he may as well pour wine over his body. Therefore, oil should be rejected." This word vrata (vow) is sometimes understood to refer to the sannyasa-vrata. Raghunandana Bhattacarya has also said in his book Tithi-tattva:
ghrtam ca sarsapam tailam
yat tailam puspa-vasitam
adustam pakva-tailam ca
tailabhyange ca nityasah
This means that clarified butter (ghee), mustard oil, floral oil and boiled oil may be used only by grhasthas, householders.

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