ei-mate dui bhai gauda-dese aila
gaude asi' anupamera ganga-prapti haila
ei-mate—in this way; dui bhaiRupa Gosvami and his younger brother, Anupama; gauda-dese aila—reached Bengal, which is known as Gauda-desa; gaude asi'-coming to Gauda; anupamera—of Anupama; ganga-prapti haila—there was obtainment of the shelter of mother Ganges (passing away).
In this way the two brothers Rupa and Anupama reached Bengal, but when they arrived there Anupama died.
Formerly when a person died it was commonly said that he had attained the shelter of mother Ganges, even if he did not die on the bank of the Ganges. It is customary among Hindus to carry a dying person to a nearby bank of the Ganges, for if one dies on the bank of the Ganges, his soul is considered to reach the lotus feet of Lord Visnu, wherefrom the Ganges flows.

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