TEXT 170
vidhur eti diva virupatam
sata-patram bata sarvari-mukhe
iti kena sada sriyojjvalam
tulanam arhati mat-priyananam
vidhuh—the moon; eti—becomes; diva—by daytime; virupatam—faded away; sata-patram—he lotus flower; bata—alas; sarvari-mukhe—in the beginning of evening; iti—thus; kena—with what; sada—always; sriya-ujjvalam—brilliant with beauty; tulanam—comparison; arhati—deserves; mat—of Me; priya—of the dear one; ananam—the face.
Although the effulgence of the moon is brilliant initially at night, in the daytime it fades away. Similarly, although the lotus is beautiful during the daytime, at night it closes. But, O My friend, the face of My most dear Srimati Radharani is always bright and beautiful, both day and night. Therefore, to what can Her face be compared?'
This verse (Vidagdha-madhava 5.20) is spoken by Sri Krsna to Madhumangala.

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